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Notarial Services

Please note that as a Notary Public I act completely independently, not as a solicitor and partner in the Firm of Milford and Dormor. As a Notary Public I am regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Role of the Notary

An English Notary Public is a member of the smallest but oldest branch of the legal profession and is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with delegated authority from the King, and is subject to regulation by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The training of a Notary is different to the training a Solicitor receives because a Notary will need to be familiar with many aspects of international law and the way the law operates in other countries. So, if, a Client's question relates to international law, to foreign company law or any other international matter, it is possible that a Notary will be able to answer it for you.

A Notary Public can be described as a specialist Lawyer whose main business is to verify the proper execution of English documentation going abroad and, where necessary, to issue an appropriate certificate.  A Notary authenticates or certifies a transaction or document by signing and sealing it with a seal unique to the individual Notary.

In each case, the Notary will be primarily concerned with identifying the person appearing before them, confirming their capacity and authority to sign the documentation, and verifying that they have the will to be bound by such documentation.

By signing and sealing a document, a Notary Public verifies the authenticity of the facts set out in that document. Notarial acts for use in Europe or foreign countries usually have to be legalised at either The Foreign and Commonwealth Office or at a foreign embassy or consulate.

Notarial Acts

Colin Burdett - NOTARY PUBLIC can undertake the following types of notarial certification for individuals and companies:

- Powers of Attorney for worldwide use 
- Statutory Declarations
- International Affidavits, Sworn Statements and Depositions
- Notarising Private Agreements for worldwide use, including use in the UK
- Certified Translations
- Property Documents for worldwide use
- Fingerprinting confirmation
- Doctors and Dentists Examination Submission
- Lost Passports and Birth Certificates
- Change of name Deed preparation and Notarisation
- Certified copy documents for worldwide use
- Permission for children to travel with a lone parent
- Retirement Life Certificates
- Adoption Papers and Verifications
- Certificates as to Residency
- Immigration Invitation Support forms
- University Certificates and School Qualification Certificates
- Overseas Car Purchase or Sale documentation
- Passport photos and True Likeness Certificates
- Certified copy of a Passport
- Certification of the execution of Company Powers of Attorney
- Providing Notarisation of Certificates of Incorporation or Memorandum of Articles of Association for UK Companies
- Notarised Certificates of Good Standing
- Certification of Identity of Directors, Secretaries and other Company Officers
- Certifying the execution of Commercial Contracts for worldwide use
- Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports and other Company Documents
- Commissioner for Oaths Services 

* All other types of specialist work can be carried out as and when required.