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It is so easy to make excuses for not making a Will or not keeping it up to date.  Yet great comfort can be obtained from knowing that arrangements have been made to ensure that a person’s wishes are known to take effect when they are no longer here.  The firm offers help and guidance and a comprehensive service to ensure that a person’s wishes are correctly incorporated within a valid Will.

As often the biggest hurdle is getting started we offer a free initial interview to discuss the information that is required, Wills questionnaires are available on request if some pointers are needed as to the detail that will be required.

Some clients may be considering a straightforward Will, which subject to conditions, could be prepared under one of the special charity sponsored Will schemes the firm participates in.

Will for Free Scheme

The importance of planning your will

Article taken from SEARCH magazine published by Institute of Cancer Research (Issue 22 - 22nd September 2010)

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