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Contact us first for a FREE INITIAL INTERVIEW to confirm costs with NO OBLIGATION.

Private Client

We advise potential clients to contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate of costs and timescales in relation to any matter. We can give you a more accurate quote once we have more detailed information.

However, for general information about the collection and distribution of money, property and other assets belonging to a person following their death, where these are within the UK and the matters are not contested;

  • We charge based on rates of 1 – 3 % of the estate with a minimum fee of £895.00 plus VAT.
  • This estimate is just an average price based on recent instructions; the actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you if you decide to instruct us.
  • The exact cost will depend on the particular facts and circumstances of each case. If there are a number of beneficiaries, multiple accounts, if there is a property, shareholdings the fee will be at the higher end.
  • Fees for completion of tax income returns (if required by HMRC), sale or transfer of property in the estate is not included.
  • There will be costs on top. These are fees and charges we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the process, such as Probate Registry fees (£273.00 plus £1.50 per copy), oath swearing fees (£5 - £7 per swear), notices to creditors (if submitted £190.00 approx plus VAT.) etc.
  • Our people involved in doing the work will include members of the Private Client Team. Please see people section.
  • Our costs are based on the assumption that the estate is relatively simple, all based in the UK and that there are few, if any, assets that would complicate the process or lengthen our time estimates.
  • We understand the stress and emotion surrounding a recent bereavement. The work we will carry out will involve:
  • Identifying the legally appointed executors or administrators (the personal representatives) and beneficiaries.
  • Ascertaining information needed to apply for the grant of representation (approximately 4-6 weeks from receiving information)
  • Drafting and applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration, including HMRC forms (approximately 2-3 weeks)
  • Obtaining the grant and providing copies to you
  • Collecting in the assets comprised in the estate (approximately 6-8 weeks)
  • Discharging liabilities
  • Ascertaining and paying any tax on the estate (approximately 2-3 weeks thereafter)
  • Dealing with distribution of the estate in accordance with the will or intestacy rules taking into account time limits for potential claims and all other steps necessary to protect the executors or administrators

Obviously, our fees do not include any external costs and charges that are incurred as part of the administration (e.g. tax, penalties, repayable benefits, fees and charges). You will also be responsible for these items on behalf of the estate.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to offer all clients a friendly and efficient service.   If, however, any difficulty should arise, including a complaint about the firm’s bill, in the first instance please discuss the issue with the fee earner concerned.   If the matter is not resolved, you should raise the matter with our Complaints Partner, Colin Burdett of the Axminster Office – telephone 01297 32206, unless he is the subject of your complaint, in which case please contact William Bennett on Chard telephone 01460 61000.

Should a complaint arise we will inform you of our complaints procedure (which is otherwise available on request) and your right to refer the matter to the Legal Ombudsman at the conclusion of our complaints process.

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